Michael's book list

Michael's book list

JavaServer Faces 2.0


Are you new to JSF and like to learn everything from basics to advanced topics? This book is yours.

Are you familiar to JSF 1.2, you want to update? This book is yours.

Do you think you know a lot of JSF? Be sure to get some additional information. This book is yours, too.

Do you prefer sketchy books, which can be read within few hours? Don't buy.

This book is divided into three parts. Part one covers the foundation like concepts, background, user interface components as well as the backing logic build upon beans and expression language. Ed Burns et. al. describe everything well detailed and added lots lot of code fragments to get a quick understanding. With assistence of this book, the impatient may quickly create her/his own JSF application and then dive into the details. Full source is available by download.

Part two introduces a bigger application (virtual trainer) to show common aspects like authentication and authorisation, different user roles, edit and store information. Then going on to user defined components as well as AJAX.

Part three covers all the details of configurating a JSF app and the tags. The part is intended to be a reference for your daily work. But it does not only contain a short syntax description. Even this is a reference, you'll find a lot of additional information.

Don't be afraid about more than 700 pages. This book is easy to read and to understand. Great work!


JavaServer Faces 2.0

Subtitle The Complete Reference
Author(s) Ed Burns, Chris Schalk sowie (beisteuernd) Neil Griffin
Publisher, Year McGraw Hill, 2010
Language English
ISBN 978-0-07-162509-8